Book 21, Reclaiming Charity, of the Potter’s House Books by Marion Ueckermann is now available to read!

Nineteen months ago, I met Juliette Duncan online when she contacted me asking if I’d be interested in joining The Potter’s House Books series. I jumped at the opportunity; the project sounded awesome!

The first Potter’s House book—Juliette’s—was released six months later. And now, here we are, the final book in this series releasing thirteen months after seven awesome authors started putting out twenty-one stories of hope, redemption, and second chances into readers’ hands.

It’s been quite a ride, and many times on my second and third books (The Potter’s House books 14 and 21), I thought I might not make my deadline due to one thing or another—mostly due to my stories being way longer than I’d anticipated, so longer writing time, longer editing time. But, by the grace of God, I made my publishing deadline with each story.

I really enjoyed writing Restoring Faith, Recovering Hope, and finally, Reclaiming Charity, and as one early reader, Becky Smith, put it…“With the stroke of her pen, Marion has created another masterpiece, where Charity may indeed be the greatest!”

I won’t lie to you, all three books were challenging to write, each dealing with a marriage in crisis of the three Peterson siblings—Faith (Young) in Restoring Faith, Tyler in Recovering Hope, and Brody in Reclaiming Charity.

Charles and Faith Young’s marriage has lost its luster in Restoring Faith, and both face the suspicion and temptation of an affair. Recovering Hope has Tyler and Hope fighting the despair of loss and the monster of depression. And in Reclaiming Charity, sixteen-year-old Charity struggles with her frequent emotive arguments of her parents—Brody and Madison—which arise mostly out of Brody’s insecurities.

It is my prayer that each of my stories will touch reader’s hearts, and I believe from the reviews received so far, that they are.

  • Restoring Faith: “I was very impressed with the real life problems this story faces head on. A marriage grown dim by life and time, temptations thrown in for good measure, and the all-encompassing healing power of Faith and God. I think this was a well written journey through what a marriage can become if not nurtured and restored. The author did a tremendous job of pulling me in and keeping my interest while describing events that were very realistic and lifelike.” ~ Joelle Teague

(Restoring Faith took third place in the Inspirational Short category of the 2018 International Digital Awards contest sponsored run by Oklahoma Romance Writers of America.)

  • Recovering Hope: “I want to thank the author, Marion Ueckermann, she has a beautiful way of blending words together. This story was well written and flowed smoothly, so smooth that at the end my heart was tumbling all over the place. I cried throughout the book, it touched my heart so deeply, that I know it will stay with me for a long time. One question brought out in this story is, Can you trust God with your pain? Can you say, like Job, ‘though he slay me, yet will I hope in him?’ The most important lesson I learned is to find my hope in God and His unending love for me.” ~ Marylin Furumasu, MF Literary Works
  • Reclaiming Charity: “This is a true masterpiece, woven with threads of grace, forgiveness, trust, enduring faith, and God’s relentless love towards us! It tackles the difficult and deep issues of fear, rejection, abandonment, and feelings of being unworthy of God’s love. Deeply moving, with broad strokes of trusting in the skill of the Master to finish the canvas of our lives, and brushed with the gold thread of hope that He will truly remake the messy situations into a good and beautiful picture.” ~ Becky Smith

I will miss being a part of this series but am so glad for the stories it produced from me.

And now there remain faith, hope, and charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity.

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