Happy Release Day, “A Vow Redeemed” by Kristen M. Fraser!

A Vow Redeemed was a challenging story to write. I say challenging, because it deals with an issue that is not openly discussed in Christian circles. That is, pornography.

While rife in the secular world, and often viewed as ‘harmless’ and ‘normal’, pornography is sadly an issue many Christian men (and women) face. For addicts (and partners of addicts), it is associated with shame, disgust, humiliation, condemnation and a sense of worthlessness.

The devil loves nothing better than to see families destroyed, and many Christian marriages are torn apart due to the far-reaching effects of this insidious addiction. But as Christians, we have God on our side – and there is nothing too big for Him. He is in the business of forgiveness and healing.

And this is the basis of A Vow Redeemed.

A Vow Redeemed is the telling of one couple’s story who, after gradually losing sight of their first love (God) and each other, fight their way back from the clutches of a pornography addiction and the brink of a broken marriage. The journey is not easy, and is riddled with many doubts, insecurities and huge trust issues. But through relying on God, applying His truths and standing united against the enemy’s schemes, A Vow Redeemed brings to light the redemption offered through God’s amazing grace.

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