Happy Release Day, “Restoring Faith” by Marion Ueckermann is available NOW!

Happy Release Day!

Restoring Faith

By: Marion Ueckermann

When love grows cold and vows forgotten, can faith be restored?


Charles and Faith Young are numbers people. While Charles spends his days in a fancy Fort Collins office number-crunching, Faith teaches math to the students of Colorado High. Married for sixteen years, Charles and Faith both know unequivocally that one plus one should never equal three.

When blame becomes the order of the day in the Young household for their failing marriage—blaming each other; blaming themselves—Charles and Faith each search for answers why the flame of love no longer burns brightly. In their efforts, one takes comfort from another a step too far. One chooses not to get mad, but to get even.

Dying love is a slow burn. Is it too late for Charles and Faith to fan the embers and make love rise once again from the ashes of their broken marriage? Can they find their first love again—for each other, and for God? 


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