Happy Release Day, “Until Christmas” by T.K. Chapin is now available to read!

Can a chance meeting lead to true love? Or does love not always find a way?

With the holidays quickly approaching and not enough money to even stay caught up on bills, Amanda takes a second job at Northtown Mall in the heart of Spokane, Washington. What was originally thought of as just an extra paycheck turns out to be much more when she meets a man who might just be an answer to her prayers.

Nate’s heart has grown weary of never seeing his daughter, Sydney, since he moved away after his divorce over two years ago. Taking an extended trip to spend quality time with his daughter, he hopes to inspire her to return to church and start taking the right steps in her life. What was only meant to be a trip to see his daughter turns into much more after one fateful night at the mall.

“Until Christmas” is a story of two hearts molded and shaped by the Master Potter in the most unlikely of places and blessed by the greatest love of all. Join Amanda and Nate as they navigate God’s will in their lives.

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