Happy Release Day! “When it Rains” is now available for you to read TODAY! Just $0.99 or FREE with KU

Release day of When it Rains, Book 2 of The Potter’s House Books!

We each have hopes, dreams and certain ideas of what our lives will be. Especially when we say the famous words “I do” at the altar. It’s not very often we think for a second something horrible can happen to us, to our marriage, our families or to our precious children.

When it Rains is about one woman’s journey and her hope of giving her daughter a fresh start somewhere new. Trusting God, she goes just like Abraham went when God told him to leave.

In our lives, we can get stuck in ruts in the road and be blinded by the reality happening around us. For instance, a mother, like Hannah in “When It Rains”, can be so focused on her own healing that her daughter is neglected in the process.

God desires for us not to have a perfect life, but to walk in Spirit and in His Truth revealed through the Bible. When you pick up the Bible and read about the pillars of faith and even our Savior Jesus Christ, you don’t just see amazing faith come to life on the pages, you see real people with real struggles! Whether it was David’s sin with Bathsheba or Jesus sweating blood in the garden or being tempted by Satan. Real and authentic people are not merely suggested for God to do a work but needed!

My prayer through writing this book wasn’t merely to write an entertaining story but to shine a light on God’s never-ending and always abounding grace. We as Christians need to start learning and understanding that we cannot walk in Spirit and in Truth without a true relationship with our Creator. It’s through a relationship, reading His Word (listening) and praying (talking), that we can experience all that life has to offer!

Paul was killed, along with most the founders of the church. This is sad but true. God doesn’t promise us we won’t experience difficulties, but He does promise to be by our side along the way if we allow Him into our lives.

May this story bless you as much as it has blessed me to write it.

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God bless,

T.K. Chapin

2 thoughts on “Happy Release Day! “When it Rains” is now available for you to read TODAY! Just $0.99 or FREE with KU

  1. I love to read your books. they are always so spiritually refreshing. please keep them coming! I am a invalid an it is hard to type but I look forward to reading your books

    1. We are thrilled you are enjoying the Potter’s House Books! Will stop and pray for you now that you will find a bright spot in your day and a great book to read! 🙂

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