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A Vow Redeemed

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Pick your battles. Three words of advice Gabby Greenstone had carried with her since the birth of her first child. Little did she know she would soon be fighting one of the biggest battles of her life.

Justin Greenstone is a successful lawyer managing his own law practice, as well as performing pro-bono work for struggling families within the local community. His wife Gabby is a busy stay-at-home-mom, raising their two teenage children, volunteering at an activity center for over-60’s, as well as at a rest home and their local church.
To the outside world, they are the quintessential couple – highly successful and appearing to have it all together – until Gabby discovers a devastating secret Justin has been harboring for years.

Gabby’s world is shaken by her discovery, and everything she’s known to be true and right is suddenly thrown upside down and marred by doubt. Gabby is torn between acting on her feelings, or choosing to do what is right. Through the unlikely friendship of an older, wiser woman at the rest home, Gabby is challenged to fight for everything she’s ever known.

Will Gabby allow Justin’s betrayal to destroy everything she’s ever known? Or will she learn to forgive, and trust the One who holds her heart?


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