New Release, “Gracefully Broken” by T.K. Chapin is now available to read!

Release day of Gracefully Broken, Book 9 of The Potter’s House Books!

The Bible is full of examples of second chances, and it’s through these second chances we learn the true nature and love of God. Whether it was the adulterous and murdering David who was referred to as a man after God’s own heart, or Rahab the prostitute who gets a second chance when the city of Jericho was destroyed. God shows us time and time again to meet people where they are at and not only provide a second chance but to reveal Himself to them in a variety of ways. No matter how bad a person thinks they are, they have a chance in God’s eyes.

With this fact that God gives second chances in mind, I penned Gracefully Broken and used the life of Corey Williams to tell a story of a second chance. Corey is not some hardened criminal, but a normal guy with a normal job and family. He’s relatable. He’s like most of us and struggles with making it from paycheck to paycheck. He understands the hardships of money and life and had a desire to give his family more than he had. One day that’s possible . . . but it ends up costing him everything.

Corey didn’t think about the lasting impact of his split-second decision to play Robin Hood and take from those who don’t need it. He didn’t realize how it would destroy much of the family he cared so much about in the first place. When Corey gets sent away to prison, his wife and children are devastated and suffer in his absence. But, in God’s amazing grace and mercy shows up and works it all together for Corey’s good. He starts by using Corey’s inmate Javi in prison. Javi tells Corey the good news of Jesus Christ.

Sin leads to death, and Corey Williams has to face the death of his marriage to Holly when he is released from prison. A painful reality, but one that he wasn’t surprised to see come to fruition. Who could blame her for not wanting to wait three years for him? Corey begins to a work a normal job and love on his kids the best that he can in the hopes of repairing the brokenness that he had caused. Can he do it? Will God help him? Find out when you read Gracefully Broken by T.K. Chapin.

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