New Release – Her Cowboy Forever by Dora Hiers!

Happy Release!

“Where do you get your ideas?”

This may be the number one question asked of me as soon as someone finds out I’m a writer. Immediately after “Are you famous?” lol

The truth is ideas bombard each of us every day but sometimes we’re so busy or closed off that we miss them. A tender glimpse of a mother and daughter’s tight bond during my granddaughter’s fifth grade graduation sparked the idea for my Love’s Time series. Newspaper articles, TV shows, web posts and even social media (gasp!) have germinated ideas for many of my stories.

So how did Her Cowboy Forever come to life? The hero introduced himself to me first from a Magnum episode, involving a house built for a wounded veteran, along with a social media post about a nonprofit organization that pairs veterans suffering with PTSD with horses. The hero, Ryder Jenson, is a former US Marine whose goal is to help other vets find purpose after their service, and a new Christ-follower. But Ryder didn’t leave his battles behind in the military.

Since the Potter’s House books are stories of hope, redemption and second chances, I felt the hero and heroine needed a history. Eden Milano is a neighbor. They were high school sweethearts, and she’s loved him forever. She understands Ryder. She gets that his mother’s abandonment wounded his spirit and knows his pain.

But their reunion can’t be all love and roses. Or can it?

Perfect love knows no bounds, has no beginning or end. It lifts others up when they’ve plunged to their lowest. It changes lives, offers hope and living water when the well is dry. It probes beyond the superficial, swims past all the clutter and yokes to the heart. It extends grace in abundance, forgiveness with arms open wide.

Eden chooses love, the sacrificial kind, the rare version that willingly accepts the long-term consequences but leaves her vulnerable to harsh judgment and condemnation, even from those in the church. Through it all, she’s brave and selfless.

Condemnation and judgment. Love. A selfless sacrifice. Grace and forgiveness with open arms. Sound familiar?

Ryder can’t help but fall even more in love with Eden. I hope you will, too.

Grab your copy of Her Cowboy Forever today. A story of hope, redemption, and second chances.


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