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In a single moment, a dream dies, and hope is lost.

Lovers of the ocean, Hope and Tyler Peterson long for the day they can dip their little one’s feet into its clear blue waters and pass on their passion for the sea.

Despite dedicating her life to the rescue and rehabilitation of God’s sea creatures, when their dream dies, Hope can’t muster the strength to do the same for herself. Give her a dark hole to hide away from the world and she’d be happy…if happiness were ever again within her reach.

While Tyler is able to design technology that probes the mysteries of the deep, he’s at a loss to find a way to help Hope surface from the darkness that has dragged her into its abyss. He struggles to plan for their future when his wife can barely cope with the here and now.

If they can’t recover hope, their marriage won’t survive.

When the invitation to join The Potter’s House books came and the brief was to write stories of flawed characters in desperate need of hope, redemption, and second chances, I immediately knew I wanted to write three stories dealing with a marriage gone cold (Restoring Faith), depression in a spouse (Recovering Hope), and a custody battle (Reclaiming Charity). Why the titles? Because when trust is broken, it has to be restored; when hope is gone, it has to be recovered; and when you could lose something you own, you need to reclaim it.

I knew that Recovering Hope would not be an easy book to write, and in some ways, I think I kept putting off writing it. For many years, God has often put me around people who claimed to suffer from depression. At times, I’ve secretly wondered if they really were depressed. So feeling called to write this book seemed…well…weird.

But several women (and a few men) in my family have battled this same beast, sometimes the fight closer to home than others. When I was but 13, my severely depressed uncle committed suicide in our home. So, despite those who rub my inner nerves the wrong way, I have seen many of those suffering from severe depression do so in secret, as if owning the condition were something shameful. And really, hasn’t society placed a stigma on this condition?

When this sickness struck close to home, I started to read more about it in an effort to gain a better understanding. My reading made me far more sympathetic to those afflicted with this destructive disease. But there is hope, because like many other diseases, depression can be treated and sufferers can find healing.

So, difficult to write or not, I needed to tell Hope’s story—for my family members and for the many people out there who face this demon daily. And I needed to tell it, too, for those walking the road beside them—the Tyler’s of this world.

However, writing Recovering Hope was slow going, with a lot of research into many, many different fields—not only depression, but medication, pregnancy, dolphins, ocean careers, customs, and hurricanes to mention some. At one point, I feared I wouldn’t get this story written in time. By God’s grace, I not only got it done in time, but I wrote a story almost 10,000 words longer than I’d originally anticipated.

It wasn’t only all the research that slowed my progress though—doubts did too. Was I writing the right book? Would readers want to read about a woman suffering with depression? Well, I’m absolutely blown away by early reader reviews of Recovering Hope. Besides what I’ve shared in the memes above, here’s what others are saying about Recovering Hope (I’ve taken snippets from their longer reviews):

  • Very few books draw the reader in and grab the reader’s emotions like Recovering Hope does! A truly emotional read that will touch one’s heart long after the last page.
  • Oh, my! The rollercoaster ride of emotions I experienced left me breathless. A highly recommended read you will remember for years to come.
  • Tyler and Hope’s story will touch your heart.
  • If the purpose of fiction is to provide the reader with a powerful emotional experience, Marion has accomplished that beautifully, emphasizing love in the process. You won’t want to miss Recovering Hope.
  • This author takes a highly sensitive subject and bares the recovery process for all to see. She did not shy away from the tough moments and I truly believe that this book will help women in their healing process.
  • Recovering Hope touched my heart so deeply, that I know it will stay with me for a long time.
  • A well-crafted, emotional story of heartbreak and loss.
  • Marion Ueckermann grabs a hold of our emotions from the get-go in this powerful story.

I’m so humbled that God would choose me, a former cynic, to write this story. It is my prayer that Recovering Hope will be a balm to many readers’ souls.

If you want to read more about things like how I chose the careers I did for Hope and Tyler, some quirky things I learned about dolphins, where I got the medical knowledge from to write Recovering Hope, and how the epilogue came about, I’m having Coffee with Paula Marie today at Fiction Full of Faith. Why not pop on over there right now? I’m giving away a copy of Recovering Hope to one commenter on that blog.

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