Juliette Duncan

Juliette Duncan is passionate about writing real-life Christian inspirational romances that will touch her readers’ hearts and make a difference in their lives. Drawing on her own often challenging real-life experiences, Juliette writes deeply emotional stories that highlight God’s amazing love and faithfulness, for which she’s eternally grateful. Juliette lives in Brisbane, Australia. She and her husband have five adult children and seven grandchildren whom they love dearly, as well as an elderly long-haired dachshund and a little black cat. When not writing, Juliette and her husband love exploring the great outdoors.

Visit Juliette at www.julietteduncan.com 


My Titles in The Potter's House series

Release Date March 27, 2018

Can she surrender a life of fame and fortune to find true love?

After leaving the small sleepy town of Shelton for the big city, Kayla McCormack struck it big time in the music industry. Her new life gave her everything she needed and wanted… fame, fortune, and fun. She even snagged a famous movie star for a boyfriend.

Just one problem – he’s married, and her conservative Christian parents don’t approve.

Dane Carmichael has had a crush on Kayla since she performed in the school Talent Show at age ten. Now carrying a war wound, Dane’s life revolves around the group of young teens he mentors at church, instilling in them the importance of remaining pure and following Jesus, not the world.

When Kayla rushes home to visit her father after receiving devastating news, she and Dane reconnect. His simple faith and life fascinate but scare her.

Kayla is challenged to assess her chosen lifestyle, but she’s also harboring a secret. She can’t forgive herself for what she did, so how can she expect God to? As He gently draws her to Himself, molding and shaping her, just like Dane does with his pots, she begins to understand how forgiving, loving and kind He really is.

Let this story of love, hope and second chances warm your heart and draw you close to the One who loves you without condition.

Release Date: July 10, 2018

Imprisoned by greed – redeemed by love

Sally Richardson has it all. A devout, hard-working, well-respected husband, two great kids, a beautiful home, wonderful friends. Her life is perfect. Until it isn’t.

When Brad Richardson, accountant, business owner, and respected church member, is sentenced to five years in jail, Sally is shell-shocked. How had she not known about her husband’s fraudulent activity? And how, as an upstanding member of their tight-knit community, did he ever think he’d get away with it? He’s defrauded clients, friends, and fellow church members. She doubts she can ever trust him again.

Locked up with murderers and armed robbers, Brad knows that the only way to survive his incarceration is to seek God with all his heart – something he should have done years ago. But how does he convince his family that his remorse is genuine? Will they ever forgive him?

He’s failed them. But most of all, he’s failed God. His poor decisions have ruined this once perfect family.


They’ve lost everything they once held dear. Will they lose each other as well?

Release Date: December 4, 2018

She’s going on a
mission to help others. He’s going to win her heart.


Skye Matthews, bright, bubbly
and a committed social work major, is the pastor’s daughter. She’s in love with
Scott Anderson, the most eligible bachelor, not just at church, but in the
entire town.

Scott lavishes her with flowers
and jewellery and treats her like a lady, and Skye has no doubt that life with
him would be amazing. And yet, sometimes, she can’t help but feel he isn’t
committed enough. Not to her, but to God.

She knows how important Scott’s
work is to him, but she has a niggling feeling that he isn’t prioritising his
faith, and that concerns her. If only he’d join her on the mission trip to
Burkina Faso…

Scott Anderson, a smart,
handsome civil engineering graduate, has just received the promotion he’s been
working for for months. At age twenty-four, he’s the youngest employee to ever
hold a position of this calibre, and he’s pumped.

Scott has been dating Skye long
enough to know that she’s ‘the one’, but just when he’s about to propose, she
asks him to go on mission with her. His plans of marrying her are thrown to the

Can he jeopardise his career to
go somewhere he’s never heard of, to work amongst people he’d normally ignore?

If it’s the only way to get a
ring on Skye’s finger, he might just risk it…

can Skye’s faith last the distance when she’s confronted with a truth she never

“Blessings of Love” is a journey of two hearts molded and shaped by the Master Potter in the most unlikeliest of places, blessed by the greatest love of all. Join Scott and Skye as they travel to the tiny country of Burkina Faso, and like them, be blessed by love.