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We all have family members who’ve chosen a different life path to what we’d hoped they’d choose. Christian parents pray diligently that their children will retain their faith as they become adults and leave the family home, but so often they’re drawn away by the glitter of the world and the parents are left wondering where they went wrong and why God didn’t protect their loved ones from the ways of the world.

In “The Homecoming”, Stephen and Marianne McCormack struggle to accept the lifestyle that their daughter, Kayla, has chosen. Despite Kayla’s success as a pop star, they’re grieved that she’s exchanged the glitter of the world for her soul. Much to Kayla’s annoyance, her mother reminds her of that almost every time they speak.

Kayla’s life revolves around her concerts, tours, fans, and her married boyfriend. As far as she’s concerned, her life is perfect and she has no need for old-fashioned religion. But to God, she’s a precious child, a special creation, and He loves her with His whole being. He can’t force her to return His love, but when her life starts to implode, He uses an unlikely friend from the past to teach her gently about Himself.

Kayla’s parents also begin to understand God’s heart, and instead of continually casting judgment on Kayla and her lifestyle, with God’s help, they learn to love her unconditionally.

It’s a real challenge when we long to see our loved ones saved but their hearts are closed. When we see them self-destruct. When we don’t see answers to our prayers.

But we should never give up hope. We don’t know what situations might cause them to reconsider their lifestyle and their beliefs, or what person God might use to draw them to Himself.

Our job is to pray for them and to love them unconditionally. It’s God’s job to woo them and draw them to Himself.

Here’s a prayer you can pray for your unsaved loved ones.

Loving Father,

Please work in me so I can share your love, life and message with (….). Reveal your love to them in whatever way you see fit, that they might come to know, love and follow you, and to experience all that you have planned for them, for your glory.  In Jesus’ name. Amen

I pray that Kayla’s story will encourage you to never give up hope. To know that God “wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” 1 Timothy 2:4

Take care, and God bless,


Pre-Order “The Homecoming” today!

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