Pre-Order of “Heart Healed” by Alexa Verde available!

Heart Healed” is now available on Pre-Order!

Can a scarred man running from his past and a beautiful star running from her future survive a murderous attack and find healing in God’s loving arms?

Country music sensation, Miriam Lizzaraga, thinks her world’s crushed when she loses her voice. But that’s before her first love decides to marry someone else and the man who nearly killed her sets out to get her again. In desperation, she accepts help from a stranger, Philip Barlow. But with a target on her back and pain in her heart, can she love again?
When Philip Barlow goes on a vacation, he doesn’t expect to meet his celebrity crush. Realizing Miriam is in danger, he’s ready to die to protect her. But scarred after an accident and struggling with anger issues, can he hope the gorgeous star will one day return his feelings?
As the day nears when their lives will be in danger and their courage tested, can they find strength in God?

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