“Unchained”, by Juliette Duncan, is now available to READ!

Unchained by Juliette Duncan

Unchained is the story of a couple caught up unwittingly with chasing material possessions more than God. In many ways, we’re all guilty of this. I know I am! It’s almost impossible to keep our hearts pure when we’re continually bombarded with advertising telling us we need new “things” all the time! To learn to be content is a continual challenge, but one that I believe as Christians we’re called to.

When Brad Richardson, a well-respected member of his small-town community, lands in jail because of his gambling addiction and fraud, he and his wife, Sally, are forced to look at their hearts, and they find themselves lacking. They’d been duped into believing that the world and all its riches could provide true happiness. What happens over the years of separation changes their lives forever as God gently molds and shapes their hearts and those of their two children.

Unchained is a love story of second chances and hope for a future full of blessing. I pray that it will bless your heart as it did mine.

God bless,


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