Up and Coming

Faith’s Favor

By Mary Manners


When it comes to trusting God for their future, training together for a marathon is the easiest part of their journey…

Faith Hennessy has a passion for two things: books and food. Both help her escape from a past riddled by childhood abandonment as she traveled from one foster family to the next. Life has mirrored an endless game of musical chairs until one New Year’s Eve, lonely and defeated, she stumbles upon Dash for the Dream, a group of faith-based marathon runners that join together to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis research.

Patrick Malone is raising his six-year-old daughter Aubree, alone. As the leader of Dash for the Dream, the widower works tirelessly toward a cure for all those afflicted with CF—including Aubree. Patrick has no time for romance…until he connects with Faith at a Dash for the Dream kick-off party.

Faith and Patrick don’t expect to fall in love, but both learn that when it comes to trusting God for their future, training together for a marathon is the easiest part of their journey.

More Than This

By  Kristen M. Fraser


When hopes and dreams just aren’t enough.

Determined to prove his alcoholic father wrong, Aiden ‘The Man’ Manford had it all. As the star quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, with a stunning girlfriend, palatial home and million dollar contract, life was perfect. The high life was everything he’d dreamed of and a far cry from the demons of his past and the small town of Ridley he’d been so keen to leave behind.
But when a career ending injury has the potential to destroy everything he’s worked so hard for, Aiden makes a flurry of wrong choices and is left questioning his worth. Who is he without the trappings of fame?

Sienna Hobson splits her time between Soul Haven Ranch, her uncle’s property for delinquent youth in Iowa, and the local town’s veterinary clinic. It wasn’t the life she’d imagined for herself, but she learned early on, that nothing ever turns out as planned. Struggling with insecurities after a breakup with her long-term boyfriend, Sienna can’t help but question her sense of identity. What if she could – or should – be more?

When the past collides at Soul Haven Ranch, Sienna and Aiden are both challenged to let go of their hopes and dreams and discover what really matters.
What if there is more to life than what they know?
What if their worth is found in something – or someone – bigger than themselves?