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“Recovering Hope”


Marion Ueckermann

Recovering Hope

By  Marion Ueckermann


In a single moment, a dream dies, and hope is lost.


Lovers of the ocean, Hope and Tyler Peterson long for the day they can dip their little one’s feet into the wild blue yonder and pass on their passion for the sea.

Despite dedicating her life to the rescue and rehabilitation of God’s sea creatures, when their dream dies, Hope can’t muster the strength to do the same for herself. Give her a dark hole to hide away from the world and she’d be happy…if happiness were ever again within her reach.

While Tyler is able to design technology that probes the mysteries of the deep, he’s at a loss finding a way to help Hope surface from the darkness that has dragged her into its abyss. He struggles to plan for their future when his wife can barely cope with the here and now.

If they can’t recover hope, their marriage won’t survive.