When Love Abounds is now available to read!

Can the Master Potter work in Megan’s heart and save her marriage?

Megan and Wes have the perfect marriage. Or at least, they did until when Wes began working longer hours and she became irritable and needy.

If only she hadn’t committed to leading a spiritual disciplines course in her women’s group at church. How can she lead when God seems so far away, and her spirit, so dry?

But she’s good at leading. She can do this. She can pretend everything’s fine. So long as the women don’t see through her façade and into her soul…

Wes is doing his best for his family. He’s working long hours, but it’s only for a season.

Why can’t Megan see that?

Will their marriage survive when Megan seems so ambivalent? How has this happened when they’re the model couple at church? It doesn’t seem possible.

When Love Abounds is Book 9 in The Potter’s House Books Series Two. Stories of ‘hope, redemption and second chances.’ Read this Contemporary Christian Romance today and be blessed.

Grab it today!

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